April 1, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Let’s talk border walls. I know it’s controversial but it’s worth bringing the light of scripture to bear on all controversial subjects. I don’t expect the secular media to base their views on the Bible but Christians can and should. The Bible should be our basis for information on all topics. God has spoken through His Word and we dare not ignore what He has to say.

Our president, Donald Trump, made a campaign pledge to build a border wall all along the southern border of the United States. Why would he make such a promise? Why is a border wall between the United States and Mexico needed? Here are my thoughts. The border wall is needed because hundreds of thousands of immigrants cross the border into the United States illegally. By that I mean, they come across the border with no documentation, no sponsorship by a US citizen, no screening for drugs, weapons, gang membership, human trafficking, or criminal convictions. They are in this country illegally. Our president recognizes that there are not enough ICE agents, drones, or surveillance equipment to stop the flow of illegals. Other presidents have gone that route without success. Only a physical wall can deter illegals and funnel them through checkpoints where they can be screened and permitted to enter the country legally or sent back to their home country.

The two questions we need to answer are, “is building a border wall biblical and is it moral?” Is it biblical? My answer is decidedly “Yes!” For safety and security, cities in the ancient world were guarded by constructing walls. Examples include the great wall of Jericho (Joshua 6:20), the wall around Jerusalem rebuilt under Nehemiah’s direction (Nehemiah 2:17), the wall of Damascus through which the Apostle Paul was lowered in a basket (Acts 9:25). The Bible paints a remarkable picture of the New Jerusalem, the home of believers for all eternity. It is a city surrounded by a “great, high wall” with 12 gates, each made of a single pearl (Revelation 21:12). God believes in walls!

Is a wall moral? Again, yes. A wall is a boundary which defines your space, like a fence around your yard. It keeps out any and all who seek entry without your permission. As a boundary, a wall provides security for you and your loved ones. It can be  permeable using a gate to permit others entry onto your property. Boundaries, such as a wall, are morally good and right. As the old saying goes, “fences make for good neighbors.”

Finally, a Google search indicates that over 30 different countries have border walls separating them from their neighbors. Are border walls effective? Do they work to protect a country? Yes! The Israeli-West Bank wall is an example of their effectiveness. Once the wall was built, Israeli attacks by Palestinian terrorists were reduced by 90% (Washington Examiner, 1/23/18)!

In my opinion, walls are biblical, moral, and effective. We need to support our president in fulfilling his campaign promise to build a wall. Our nation will be safer with one and, according to our constitution, that’s one of the primary tasks of government, to “insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense.”

Build that wall, Mr. President!