June 1, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Do you ever talk to yourself? Most of us do. Pro golfer, Tiger Woods, talks to himself while walking the fairway of a golf course. He coaches himself about the next shot he wants to hit. Self-talk is beneficial. It helps to hear yourself speak out loud (or in your head) what you are seeing, thinking, or feeling. It is a key part of emotional intelligence. Self-talk can lead to better practices and outcomes.

Would you be surprised to learn that self-talk is mentioned in numerous passages in the Bible? Yes, the practice of consulting with yourself or speaking to your soul is prevalent in scripture. Consider these few examples:

  1. Nehemiah 5:7-Nehemiah is angry when he hears of the usury and oppression of the poor by fellow Jews but before he acts or says anything, he “consults” with himself. That’s always a wise thing to do especially when you’re angry.
  2. Psalms 42:5, 11-Korah, the psalmist, questions his soul. He asks his soul, “why are you in despair, O my soul” and so disturbed? He directs his soul to hope in God for God will be the Helper of his soul.
  3. Luke 15:17-19-In one of my favorite passages, the “prodigal son” comes to his senses and talks to himself. He tells himself the truth of his circumstances. He’s starving to death. He then tells himself what he needs to do to change his circumstances. He will humble himself, return to his father and the family farm, confess his sin to his father, and ask to be treated like a hired laborer. Then he does it!

How can you apply this to your life? First of all, give yourself permission to talk to yourself. Second, speak to your soul the truth of your circumstances, how you feel, and what you’re thinking. Finally, don’t make any decisions, don’t even hit a golf ball, without talking to yourself. Hear yourself say aloud what you are thinking. It will help you blow away the fog of confusion.