October 1, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

As I wrote in the previous article, I did a dumb thing. I left my glasses on the roof of my car and Elsie and I started home after our weekend at family camp. After I discovered that the glasses weren’t on my face, Elsie stopped and we drove back to camp and started searching the camp road from the parking lot all the way to the main road. There was no trace of them. We prayed and searched on foot for over an hour to no avail. So we gave up hope of ever finding them and I scheduled an appointment for an eye exam the following day. I reasoned God must want me to change prescriptions and get new glasses. In the meantime, I fired off a short email to the camp director and his wife that if anybody should stumble upon my glasses to call me right away.

The next morning Elsie and I got the most amazing phone call from Lisa, the camp director’s wife. She had read my email and decided to walk from her home near the camp to the camp entrance. Along the road she noticed a dead fawn in the ditch and paused to look at it. Something gleamed in the morning sun as she stood looking at the deer. She went into the ditch and found my magnetic sunglasses. Excited she walked further down the road and there were my eyeglasses! God had answered my prayer but not through me or Elsie but through Lisa! We drove to meet Lisa the next morning and she handed my glasses to me. I haven’t been that elated over anything like that in a long time. No scratches, no dents, God had preserved them intact.

It reminds me of a time in the Bible when Moses was shepherding the flock of his father-in-law and happen to see the miracle of a bush burning with fire but not consumed. It captured his attention and he was drawn to it. There, at that burning bush, God spoke to Moses and commissioned him to deliver His people, Israel, from their bondage in Egypt (Exodus 3:1-7). That is exactly how Lisa describe it. She said she had a “burning bush” experience when she paused to look at the deer and God showed her my glasses.

Just a quick question, do you ever pause long enough as you’re hurrying through life to see God’s burning bush in your life? Your burning bush may be God giving you new eyes to see your spouse or children in a way you never have before. As you reflect in hindsight, it may be seeing God’s hand of intervention to protect you from harm. God gets our attention through burning bush experiences so we can hear His voice and He can show us His will.

God is amazing! His ways are wondrous indeed,