May 1, 2023 @ 8:00 AM

Back in my junior high and high school years we had a subject called “current events” in school. I don’t know if that is still taught since people have much more access to daily current events these days. Moment by moment news is available on our computers, tablets, and cell phones. Sometimes I open my cell phone to look something up or check my schedule and get overwhelmed with news items I have missed since the last time I used my phone. It is hard to keep up with and often imperative to take a break. I am not on Face Book, Tik Tok or Instagram. Yet the news and emails can be overwhelming. This influx of information, especially negative and useless information, is significantly contributing to depression across all age groups, and especially teenagers. It is imperative to take occasional media breaks.

I recently came across a National Public Radio news item with the headline, “A Nashville senior was banned from prom for a suit, so local business stepped in.” Nashville has been in the news lately due to the deadly shooting there, and this article caught my attention. What could this be about? Why would a student be banned from prom for dressing nicely? Is casual the new required dress standard now for attending prom? The article shows a picture of a (supposedly) young man dressed in a suit and holding a sign that reads, “they wouldn’t let me in because i’m in a suit.”

As I read more, I came to understand that this person is a transgender female who attends Nashville Christian School. The school explained that they have a dress code for students and that students and families are aware of it and sign an agreement to these guidelines when they enroll. Further, the expectations for appropriate prom attire were communicated in advance of the prom. The students were informed that if they failed to comply with the expectations, they may be asked to leave.

This is all quite troubling, but it isn’t the worst part of the story. The community rallied together in sympathy, support, and celebration for this student. They organized and funded a special prom for “they” and friends and started a GoFundMe account for the group. Unbelievable!! The worst part is how far we have fallen as a nation from our biblical Christian heritage. I understand that teens will be rebellious and do rebellious deeds. By far, the greatest disappointment is the adults who have failed these young people in the application of traditional moral (and Godly) standards and failed to support a Christian school who is trying to do just that. There is nothing to celebrate here, except to know that God’s standards are firm, and He will not be mocked.

Are there any answers? Is there any hope? Absolutely yes! Parents need to take back their God-given responsibility to teach and lead their children. If you have your children in a Christian school, that is a very good start. Do your research and find a good one. Research the school well before you entrust your children’s education to them. The days of trusting a public school to educate your children are gone. During the early years of our country, public schools used the Bible as part of their curriculum. They started each school day with the pledge of allegiance to our flag. They said the words, “One nation under God.” They focused on the 3 Rs of Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmatic. The God of America was the God of the Bible. Now we can’t depend on the public school to do any of that. Now parents need to ensure their own children’s Christian education. Christian education is no longer optional, and Christian schools need parents who will stand with them and not undermine their authority and influence. If parents have done their job of vetting the school, then they must let the school do their job of teaching and instructing in righteousness.

What happened in Nashville was not only an afront to the school, students, parents, and teachers, but it was also an afront to God. What is happening in America is not a surprise, however. When we remove God from our culture, our nation, and our schools, this is what happens. This is, in fact, an example of people wanting to remove God’s standard from a school that has been set aside to glorify Him. This Nashville community is catering to paganism and the lie of gender choice. God chose our gender. How dare we think we know better than God!

What can we do? We must put on the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18) and stand firm according to His moral standards. Never honor unrighteousness or cave to immoral pressure. It is the Lord God we must please and not people.

God bless you!