Project Purity: Helping Churches and Denominations


In addition to counseling, Hopewell Counseling offers Project Purity, a dual-purpose ministry consulting with local churches who desire to launch sexual purity ministries and providing sexual addiction screening for denominational pastors and full-time Christian workers. What is the vision, mission, purpose, and passion of Project Purity?

A. Vision: “The vision of Project Purity is to purify the Bride of Christ.”

B. Mission: “The mission of Project Purity is to challenge, resource, and train local churches in sexual purity and to screen pastors and full-time Christians workers for sexual addiction.”

C. Purpose: “Project Purity exists because sexual purity is not being adequately addressed by the Church of Jesus Christ."

D. Passion: “The passion of Project Purity is that God's people would repent of their sexual sins, find forgiveness at the cross of Jesus Christ, and become free and transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Local Church Purity

Project Purity works with local churches to establish and launch sexual purity ministries to men, women, and teens. Bringing 30 years of experience to the table, Irv and Elsie are uniquely qualified to help churches. Project Purity covers all aspects of launching a sexual purity ministry: personnel required, costs involved, promotional tools needed, curriculum needed, leadership training, and awards earned. It is thorough and comprehensive in scope. Anonymous testing indicates that 91% of men who go through a sexual purity ministry achieve significant freedom from sexual sin in their lives.

Denominational Purity

The denominational component of Project Purity involves working closely with denominational presidents, district superintendents and leaders, as well as pastors to provide screening for sexual addiction for pastors, missionaries, and full-time Christian workers.  Using a number of objective assessments, a personal history questionnaire, and an in-depth interview, each screening takes approximately two hours. The results of the assessments and the pathway to purity are compiled into a confidential written report which is sent to the client. A general summary of this report is sent to the denominational agency or church requesting the screening. If a client requires help for non-criminal sexual addiction, resources are provided ranging from local church purity ministry to in-patient residential treatment. The feedback from both pastors who have gone through the Project Purity process and denominational leaders has been very positive. They praise its benefits.

"Irv combines the heart of a pastor, the thoroughness of a researcher, and the passion of a visionary for restored purity in the church of Jesus Christ."  David Linde, Assistant Superintendent, North Central District of the Evangelical Free Church of America

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