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What is Broken Strength? Broken Strength is the sexual purity ministry raised up by the Lord to carry on the ministry and message of the National Coalition for Purity. Under the careful leadership and direction of Joe Smith and with a board of committed veterans of the purity ministry, Broken Strength, is now an official 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation.  Believing that God has raised up this ministry to purify the Bride of Christ, Broken Strength is eager to share their vision with you and your church.  Their new website is:
Please take a minute and check it out.
As any new ministry starting out, faithful financial and prayer support is critical. Would you be willing to be one among the first to support this critical outreach? Would you be willing to become a charter partner with Broken Strength to purify the Bride of Christ in preparation for the soon return of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ? Please join me in becoming a proud partner of this new dynamic ministry that upholds the holiness of God.
I believe that Broken Strength is the Lord's chosen vessel to bring the message of sexual purity to the church and the next generation.  I highly commend it to you!
Irv "Sarge" Woolf